Corona virus Updates

As we are all aware, this is becoming a very strange time for us all as a community.

Due to the ongoing situation, all funerals for Stockport Crematorium and most others can only be attended by up to 10 mourners (subject to change) and limited members of staff will also be in attendance.

How does this affect the service?

– Hearse only services. Mourners to meet at the Crematorium.

– The deceased will be not be able to be carried in to the service but wheeled in by our staff.

– The loved ones coffin cannot be touched throughout the service.

– The curtains must be closed and not left open at the end.

– Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.

– At present we can only have a maximum of 10 people attending the service.

How does this effect the funeral directors service?

– Our professional levels of service will not slip and we will always continue to give the upmost level of dignity and respect to our clients and deceased.

– We will only be able to do arrangements over the phone or on FaceTime.

– Only the arranging client can come in to sign paperwork.

– Only one person at a time can enter our funeral home to visit loved ones (no viewing for any deceased with coronavirus unfortunately).

– No donation box will be placed out for the the end of a service. if you would like to make a donation, please do this online.

If you do need to come to our office, please ring us first.

We will still be available 24/7 for advice. Please do not hesitate to get in touch through this difficult period.

How does this effect cost?


We have capped our costs to £1750 for a cremation during this unfortunate time, all normal 3rd party fees included but excluding the celebrants fee.

(£200 extra for a celebrant to give the service).

Any other additions are also an extra. such as flowers.


Burial costs differ from cemetery to cemetery. our blanket price for this is £1250 plus cemetery fees. All other 3rd party fees are included excluding the celebrants fee.

(£200 extra for a celebrant to give the service).

Any other additions are also an extra. such as flowers.

Why the change?

The reason that these prices are much lower than usual, we believe our families should be paying for the service at the right price. with the ongoing limitations in place at this time it is making it unfair to grieve properly. For example, 10 mourners allowed to attend a service and families unable to touch the coffin throughout the service or other limitations like no limousines. How can we expect you to pay full price when your not getting the full exact service you would like? This pricing will not effect the way we look after anyone in our care.

Stay safe everybody. We can get through this.

Rob x