Corona virus Updates

As we are all aware, this has become a very strange time for us all as a community.

Due to the ongoing guide lines, all funerals for Stockport Crematorium and most others can now be attended by up to as many mourners as the venue can support (subject to change) and limited to one person per seat. Other Venues may vary.

How does this affect the service?

– Face masks may be worn, but not necessary. Personal preference is the option. The deceased may be carried in to the service by Family depending on the venue or wheeled/carried in by our staff (subject to change). People carrying are advised to wear a facemask due to the close proximity.

– Your loved ones coffin, depending on the venue may or may not be allowed to be touched throughout the service.

– Face masks may be worn, but not required.

– At present we can only have as many people that can fit in the venue, plus a minister or celebrant attending the service. one person per seat.

How does this effect the funeral directors service?

– Our professional levels of service will not slip and we will always continue to give the upmost level of dignity and respect to our clients and deceased.

– We will be able to do arrangements in the funeral home, at your home or over the phone and on FaceTime.

– Hand Sanitising will still be the normal and face coverings are optional.

– Donation box can now be placed out for the the end of a service again. if you would like to make a donation in an alternative way, please do this online.

If you need to come to our office at any point, please ring us first.

We will still be available 24/7 for advice. Please do not hesitate to get in touch through this difficult period.

Stay safe everybody. We can get through this.

Rob x