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Pre-paid funeral plans

More and more people want to ease the future burden on their family or friends by arranging and paying for their own funeral in advance. This is a simple process. We will help you to plan the funeral of your choice and freeze the cost of our services at present day prices.

Our Funeral Plans are backed by Golden Charter, the UK’s biggest independent funeral plan provider.

You can choose from any of Our Set Packages or plan a bespoke funeral, with only an additional administrative charge of £249 your money will go into a high interest Trust account gaining at least 2.5% interest per year. This will help cover any of the rising third party fees when the plan is redeemed.

It is our experience that no two funerals are the same, so R. Good Funeral plans enable us to create a funeral to reflect your individual wishes.

The cost depends entirely on your specifications and the type of service of which you require, so it is important that you create the plan together, with us so that we can explain all the options open to you.

Once you have paid for your plan, it will not however cover all the future rising third-party costs. These costs are known as disbursements, which we usually pay on your behalf. These costs are constantly increasing beyond our control and therefore we can’t guarantee to cover all the costs at a future date.

Third-party costs include; cemetery and crematoria fees, doctors’ fees for cremation certificates, paying the celebrant, newspaper notices etc. If these costs have increased dramatically during the life of the plan, a contribution from your family may be required to meet any shortfall.

We do offer Veterans Discount

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