What Do You Do When Someone Dies?


What do I do when someone dies?

We understand that the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming and you may not even know where to start. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can guide you through this difficult time. call us on 0161 429 6622

To begin with, should register the person’s death within 5 days, usually at the Registry Office closest to the place of death.
The registration should be done by a relative or the executor of the will. Once you have registered the death, we can handle all the arrangements for you.

Dying at home

When someone dies at home you should call their Doctor (G.P) who will issue a Medical Certificate for the cause of death. If this a Locum or other Medical Practitioner, they will issue a Confirmation of Death. Please contact us so that we can bring the deceased into our care once the doctor has attended.
If you would like the deceased to remain at home for a little while please advise us as soon as possible, and we will give you guidance on this.

Death in professional care

The Hospital bereavement or family liaison officers will offer you emotional support and practical advice about what to do next. They will inform you where the nearest Registry Office is, so that you can register the death.
Once you have called us, we will liaise with the Hospital, Hospice or Care Home to make the necessary arrangements for you.
You should register the death within 5 days, but you may contact us or come to see us beforehand if you would like to discuss the funeral arrangements or require advice or assistance.
When you register a death, you will normally receive a green certificate which will enable us to bring the deceased person into our care.

Sudden or unexpected death

When someone has died unexpectedly, or the doctor is not certain of the cause of death, the case will often be referred to the Coroner’s Office.
It’s still a good idea to contact the funeral director at an early stage. A provisional date can be made, we will also help with some arrangements and we will liaise with the Coroner’s Office for you and confirm a possible date for the funeral.

If you would like support with a sudden bereavement there is help available.
Which Coroner’s Office is involved will depend on where the death occurred.
There are more than one Jurisdiction in Manchester; details of the Stockport and the Districts in the rest of the country can be found here.


If a child or baby dies

The local hospitals funerals, which are arranged and paid for by the Hospital Trusts. Hospital funerals involve a little white coffin with a soft lining and a religious or non-religious service according to your wishes.
When a baby dies before full gestation, some parents are unable to attend the funeral.
Should you prefer a private funeral, we can provide you with an estimate in respect of your specific wishes. We will provide you with the lowest possible charge for the funeral of a child or baby.
We can offer a selection of coffins and caskets for babies and children. Please do talk to us about your preference of coffin as there is a range of designs and prices.
We offer a service free of charge as do most funeral directors and crematoria. We will only charge for any extra additions to the basic funeral.

Dying out of your area, abroad and repatriation

If someone has passed away out of your home area, we can bring your loved one back to our funeral home, we will work with the hospital where they are resting and we can bring them back. As your Funeral Director, we will work with you and overseas Funeral Directors and the British Consulate or Embassy to organise the necessary documentation for transport of the deceased back to the UK.
There will however be travel costs and any additional overseas funeral directors’ fees.

Call us on: 0161 429 6622 or you can call in to our office today to find out more.


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