Pet Cremations



We understand that a loved pet is very much part of the family. This can be a very difficult time for you, so the whole process is taken care of on your behalf.

We will collect your pet from their home or from the vet.
We will call you to let you know your pet has arrived safely back with us and we can discuss how you would like us to proceed with the cremation. You can drop off your pet with us and return for ashes later. We can deliver ashes to you

Please rest assured, your pets farewell will be carried out how we would expect our own pets journey to be treated.

We can offer a number of different coffins for your pet for the cremation.

Our Costs

Cremation for Cats or Small Pets
e.g. cat, rabbit, small pets

Small Dogs
e.g. jack russell, beagle, cocker spaniel

Medium Dogs
e.g. pointer setter, springer spaniel

Large Dogs
e.g. german shepard, standard poodle, labrador

Extra Large Dogs
e.g. great dane, rottweiler, bullmastiff

If you have a special pet not included in above
pricing, please do get in touch with us for a quotation.

When the cremation has taken place, you will receive your pets Ashes in a beautiful wooden casket.

If you would like a personalised casket, you can choose one from our Artiste Range with personalised engraving for only an additional £120.