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The average cost for a funeral in 2021 was £4,000. A lot of this cost is very much avoidable. Our full Funeral Packages start from just £2,000. This just shows you how much money people are spending over what they actually need to.

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Our services can include everything you need from arranging to bring the deceased in to our care. Organising the service or ceremony. Ordering the flowers. Also the dispersal of ashes or just even giving you advice at no obligation. We will help you with arranging the type of funeral you would like and listen to your needs.

Below are some options and services we can provide to give you an idea:

• Cremation or Burial
• Direct to the Crematorium
• Non-Religious Funerals
• Bespoke Funerals
• Culturist or Religious Funerals
• Embalming and viewing
• Traditional Hearse
• Horse drawn Hearse
• Wakes and Reception

We also offer a Repatriation service, if your loved one has passed away overseas, we can sort out the necessary arrangements to bring them home.

Armed Forces Veterans Discount.

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